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Добавлен материал Холмогоры про концлагерь 1918 года 10.03.19


zagradotriadAnother ominous component of the special departments of the war were so-called detachments. They are not formally included in the special department and included in the Infantry Division. But they carried out their work in close cooperation with the special departments, as shown in the following order.

During war in all parts there was such terrible special department which in the people called SMERSh, is deciphered as death to spies. This organization and now exists, is only called in a different way. There was such department and in the 16th armored brigade. But data on its work don't come to usual archives and only according to prize documents in which awarded also security officers, it is possible to receive some particles of information on work of this department. In general SMERSh well covered up tracks of the activity, having destroyed the most part of archival documents. I gave couple of examples from activity of this department in the section of history from prize sheets. Sometimes through an oversight of archival workers materials of such grade slip in commonplaces. Data on extraordinary incidents in troops are allocated in separate affairs and, despite removal of a security classification, to researchers aren't issued under the pretext of denigration of history. But the history has to be objective and the people have to know the secret heroes. Such messages incidentally got to me and I publish them in this section below.