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Добавлен материал Холмогоры про концлагерь 1918 года 10.03.19

About Grandfather

It is probably need to tell you about my grandfather, as I saw him. This is my father's father. Second grandfather- my mother's father I never saw, he died a month before I was born in March 1946. So here I will talk about my grandfather from Gzhatsk. In my memory it is closely linked with Gzhatsk - town where I was born, in general the town of my childhood. Since the time my father was a military, then we moved throughout the Union and for some time I spent with my grandparents. I was their first grandchild and is therefore the most beloved. Well, because sometimes I have them left alone without their parents for a few months, and they were working with me a lot and I saw a lot of grandparents. As an adult when I came to visit their once they got out of the closet an old stool and said that it still remembers me a little as I pounded on its gavel. Grandfather had philanderer in youth and drank up to 60 years, so they had a life in the family fun. But I do not remember my grandfather he was drunk. After 60 years my grandfather stopped drinking and generally lived another 33 year. He probably finished parochial school, because he knew the prayers and sometimes he broadcasts their with church voice. I remember one of his story, which was then, whether about himself, that there about a friend of his for the night left to sitdown with the dead in the church. The man died at an edema that his hands was tied on his chest with string. So, my grandfather sat at night by candlelight next to him and recited prayers. The rope snapped and hit dead grandfather's hand. The one with the nearly died of fright and jumped screaming from the church, thinking that a dead man alive. That's the story I remember that my grandfather told me. He was a lover of picking berries and mushrooms, and I have trained with the case. When I got in the last year of his notebook, then I found his writing about in what place he went, what and how much collected, as well as bus schedules to these places. I remember how early in the morning he woke me up and gave into the hands the churn and we went with him to collect raspberries. Collected a long way and I could not get to the top of the churn - it turned out that raspberry stuff down under its own weight .The food is all the family gathered together, put on the table and one cup of it all took their food with spoons. He grandfather stricter on us and on the forehead could give spoon if we violated the prescribed order. He loved to drink tea from a large hot mugs. So hot that the mug was to keep hands warmly. All my life my grandfather worked as an accountant, auditor and left him a large stack of papers about how he knocked himself stubbornly they deserved retirement, reaching almost to the Minister of the Government. Overall grandfather was stubborn and knew the laws.