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Kazachinsky materials

In 2013, I met with Kazachinsky's son who lives in Ukraine and publish books based on the memories of his father. His father went all the way with the team and my father and knew each other well. Kazachinsky's son sent me a lot of stuff in the brigade, some of which I put on this site with his permission. Now add the route.The trace of brigade tracked by the books he published.

16 Tank Brigade

Here we place the material on the 16 Tank Brigade.It located here only material corresponding to the period of 1941-1944, when the brigade fought as part of the Soviet armed forces. The fighting in the 2 Polish army will be placed separately, as in the Russian archives it is not reflected. In September 1941 German troops took Schlusselburg and encirclement Leningrada. They broke all our mechanized corps over two months and deepened by more than 400 km inside country.The succes of German offensive was based on the armored tank units. The Goverment of country start hastily formation of small mobile tank formations - tank brigades, numbering about 50-100 tanks and it had to be created 20 tank brigads during September.16 tank Brigade has been created in Vladimir from 3 september.From 19 September the first train of the technique has been sent to Zvanka station in the ranks of the army 54 Kulik which was thrown on Leningrad's blocade.There is already 122 tank Brigade in its composition. The formation brigade occurred in a hurry. The Colonel Ivanov was appointed to command tank department, who boarded a train at the last moment and had to get acquainted with command staff already in train.After arrival at the station half tanks had pulled off the platforms, as they did not work. Three guns didnt shoot,becase they have training strikers.The gunnery did not know the guns and had to study it for a week. The Brigada unloaded on Zvanka and Voybokalo during 6 days. Last sixth train was bombed by German aircraft. There was destroyed 21 autos and one tractor.On September 23, failing to fully unloaded, the tanks were thrown into battle under Gontoway Lipka, where the Germans advanced to Putilov path.